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Why comics?

Comics have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I'm old enough to remember The Incredible Hulk TV show, you know, the one where a dishevelled Bill Bixby, usually wearing some flared jeans and a moth-eaten flannel shirt stolen from a washing line, would mope from town to town, begging antagonists to not make him angry, and then inevitably, they would make him angry. Cue a deaf steroid addict covered in green make-up.

A grandparent, I wish I could remember which, got me a The Incredible Hulk annual, within it were the usual trappings of annuals, word searches, Hulk facts, lots of pictures of the aforementioned muscular Brooklynite. And, most importantly, Comic strips.

I wish my memory of this was clearer, but I think one of the comics was a story about Bruce Banner getting a job in a bank and then some bank robbers made him angry.

Don't misunderstand me, Lou Ferrigno was probably the closest they could possibly get and was very big, green, and scary.

But he wasn't this.

Before the days of CGI and Marvel movies with two hundred million dollar budgets you were limited to a buff dude painted green. Even today the entry level for making something look even remotely believable is ridiculously high.

But if you have some time, and some talent, you can create just about anything.

If you can imagine it then there's probably someone out there that can draw it.

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